Public Transit

CARTA Multimodal Transportation Center Study Project Lead

Managed the Chattanooga Multimodal Transportation Center Study (MTCS) with the goal to create a new transportation center and gateway for the Chattanooga metropolitan area that provides personal transportation choices, enhances the image and effectiveness of public transportation, and serves as a catalyst for economic development. The MTCS evaluated potential locations for single or multiple transportation center locations and developed conceptual drawings for such locations. As part of this process, the MTCS evaluated existing routes and other opportunities to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of public transportation for the region.  Supported by $200,000 in federal Surface Transportation Program funds through the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA), the MTCS was guided by a steering committee comprised of invested local leaders and employed a rigorous public participation process to engage stakeholders acrossMTCS the region.  The MTCS was a cooperative project engaging the Chattanooga‐Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency, providing project coordination and staff support; the Benwood Foundation, providing local match funding and marketing outreach; and the City of Chattanooga’s new Transportation Department, providing technical guidance and assistance. Project consultants were CDM Smith and Ann Coulter Consulting.  Project Dates: 2013 – 2015.

The final plan documents are available here:

Prova Group is currently under contract directly with CARTA for ongoing management of this effort and general transportation planning efforts.